Our Happy Clients Sharing Their Stories


1. Vikaas Sachdeva

Anjum has been primarily responsible for keeping my sugar levels in check and help me lead a more healthy, energetic lifestyle

I was diagnosed with high sugar levels in 2005 and was on medication for over 3 years. Till I met up with Anjum

Not only did I get pushed into a regular workout regime, I started implementing her diet schedules

Till date, I have never felt pangs of hunger during my diet schedule. Over the last 3 years, I am completely off medication of any kind, lost 6 kgs, 4 inches off my waist and look and feel much younger

She also has the uncanny ability to keep monitoring your diet and pushing you to stick to it without you going through the stress of doing the same

I have recommended her to several of my friends who are very happy with her insight and dedication to her profession and would continue to do so.


2. Ritika Sarin:


"I'm 30 years old. After giving birth to my child I was 82 kgs. My life had become very dull, I used to feel subdued and pulled down. No matter what I wore I used to look bad and overage.


After joining the diet program with Anjum I am 53kgs now. I feel great coz I stand out in the crowd. when I go shopping I look for size XS instead of XL. Only working out at the gym was'nt sufficient it was just 30% and the rest 70% was her diet.

Anjum's diet worked wonders to me. Her balanced and easy to follow diet plan helped me get my confidence back. Its because of her that I have incorporated fruits and salads in my diet.I had always thought that dieting is would mean starvation, but I was wrong. Anjum through regular counselling sessions encouraged  me to eat healthy at various intervals and taught me to opt for healthier snacks instead of a bag of chips.I never knew that simple home cooked food that I made at home could help me loose so much weight. I didn't have to go out of my way to cook special food for me. She planned a balanced meal within my regular eating habits. That made it easier for me to follow the diet as it was hassle free.

Eating healthy started making me think positive. I've shed pounds and gained immense confidence. My perspective towards life has changed. If I can loose weight anyone can...............

Thank you Anjum.......... You are not just a great nutritionist but also a lovely person and friend. Its because of you I am no more fat, sluggish, lazy or unattractive. I feel fit and energetic. I've got myself back because of you. Your diet has made me ready to rule the world........

Submitting my pictures before I came to Anjum, and now When I have shed those pounds! See the difference in my confidence! SEE to believe! :)"