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With changing lifestyle and a quest to have better fitness and great physique, it has become all the more necessary for people to follow a diet program.

We at Anjum’s Diet and Wellness, try to analyze your lifestyle and accordingly chart out a customized diet plan for your special individual needs to help you reach your target results permanently.

We not only offer one to one personalized nutrition program in India but also offer online Programs for our Indian clients everywhere in the world like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, , Saudi Arabia and Italy , where, consulting a nutritionist is an expensive affair. So we have considered designing packages specially to suit your budget.

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Why you need to join this unique personalized program?

1. You have tried losing weight before but no success

2. You managed to lose weight but couldn’t maintain it

3. You went to a dietitian or doctor to lose weight but the diets were just not

     easy to follow

4. You are not too comfortable with the idea of surgery or tummy tuck?

5. You had already done a tummy tuck / surgery but are still gaining weight.

6. You know how to eat right but just can’t be motivated enough

    to keep on with the diet

7. You are exercising but no satisfying results

8. You have a medical problem and you need  diet therapy to

    alleviate the problem

9. You are tired of being  under weight or over weight

10. You need a customized and personalized diet program that suits your lifestyle.

11. You want to get rid of that belly and get a six pack abs.

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1. Obesity / Over Weight

2. Difficulty Gaining Muscle Mass

3. No Results After Weight Training

4. Diabetes

5. Thyroid Problems

6. Hypertension

7. Low Blood Pressure

8. Anemia

9. Heart Problems

10. High Cholesterol

11. Suffering From PMS

12. Menopausal Problems

13. Polycystic Ovarian Disease

14. In Dire Need Of 6 Pack ABS Or Beach Body

15. Kidney Issues (CKD , High Creatinine , Gout ETC)

16. Liver Problem (Fatty Liver ETC)